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Compassionate Coaching

Guest Article by: Shane McLean Compassionate Coaching The headline is a play on Conscious Coaching, a book by Brett Bartholomew,  which I have yet to read but plan to shortly.…

Protein and Strength Training: How Much Is Enough?

Guest Article by: Michael Fouts, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer  Daniel Feldman, Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer You’re heard that protein is important for strength training. It’s one of the…

How to Grow a Brand Worthy of Following

There’s a lot more to a successful fitness career than having a large Instagram following. Many reputable and successful coaches have never valued investing effort on social media. Many more…

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An Introduction

Many people are positively terrified of what they think the gym experience is like. Many more don’t get off the cardio equipment. Still more don’t feel confident about what they should do to workout. I work to make your workout environment a fun and welcoming place to work on your personal goals to be stronger and healthier.