Many people are positively terrified...

…of what they think the gym experience is like. Many more don’t get off the cardio equipment. Still more don’t feel confident about what they should do to workout.

I work to make your workout environment a fun and welcoming place to work on your personal goals to be stronger and healthier.

Many people struggle...

…with what to do with their nutrition. They don’t know where to start or what to believe and our industry doesn’t always help.

I work to educate my clients on sustainable nutrition that serves their goals for the long run and avoids fads or extremes.

Many people really need support and guidance...

…on their overall lifestyle. You may benefit from not only exercise and improved nutrition, but strategies to get better sleep, better self talk and mindset.

My work with clients doesn’t begin and end in the gym. It takes into account all relevant aspects of lifestyle and interactive support throughout.

My clientele range in age, gender, and goals. I work within the general population and with young athletes on strength and the habits that will improve performance and life.

I also work with some online clients who prefer their coaching and support through that medium, with daily check ins and overall program design and nutritional guidance.

I bring over 23,000 coaching hours of experience, on the gym floor, to my work with clients. I am physically located at Evolve South in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

Add to that I cohost a weekly fitness podcast called Lift Free & Diet Hard, where we speak to local and international fitness industry leaders on important fitness and nutrition topics.

A Bit About Me, Personally.

As much as possible, trainers should make our media about our clients (and the people we seek to serve). But here are some important details about me and my career

  • Graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Commerce(Co-op) Honours.
  • Grew up as a competitive cross-country skier, basketball player, and dabbled in many other sports. Became a die hard fitness enthusiast in my early 20’s.
  • Began my career as a certified personal trainer in the fall of 2010 in Edmonton, Alberta.
  • 23,000+ on the gym floor coaching hours.
  • Devotion to reading and studying everything I’m able to find time for, about fitness, nutrition, behaviour change, and anything related to a career in the fitness industry.
  • Owner of Andrew Coates Fitness, founded in January of 2017 and contracting at Evolve Strength South.
  • Currently split my days between Evolve and my home studio in south Edmonton.
  • Host of The Lift Free and Diet Hard Podcast with Andrew Coates (formerly The Fitness Devil with my friend and co-host Dean Guedo. A weekly show of discussions with fitness industry leaders.
  • Fitness Writer for T-Nation, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health, Onnit, The PTDC, Generation Iron, BarBend, Kabuki Strength, Vigor Ground Fitness, and TrueCoach
  • Featured in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s email newsletter Arnold’s Pump Club
  • Cofounder of The Evolve Strength – Business and Coaching Conference featuring industry leading speakers including cofounder Lee Boyce, and more.
  • Public Speaker with appearances including The Vigor Ground Fitness and Business Summit 2024, NSCA provincial and regional clinics, Coaching Con 2024, Raise the Bar 2023 and 2024, The Inland Empire Fitness Conference 2021 and 2022, Olympia U 2023 as part of The Olympia Weekend, The canfitpro Global Conference and Trade Show 2023 and 2024, Strong New York 2022, The Fit Biz Mastermind 2022, The Real Coaches Summit 2023, The Obvious Choice Summit 2023, Kabuki Education Week 2022 and 2023, and many more.
  • Mentor of a small group of fitness professionals around the world.
  • I post daily ideas and fitness industry philosophy on my rapidly growing Instagram account @andrewcoatesfitness. You can follow me on Twitter but I mostly just use it to create graphics for IG.
  • I’ll probably mess around more with YouTube but don’t hold me to it (I mean this list is getting absurdly long)
  • I have a fluffy black cat named Ozzy who’s the star of my Instagram.
  • I love the band Tool, the world of The Witcher(games, books, show), Books, and good Highland Single Malt Scotch
  • I coach the general population. That means everyday people who want to get stronger and feel better. I work with some young athletes, people with wildly ranging goals, and older adults. Competitive physique or strength sports aren’t my passion or wheel house so I’m happy to refer competitors to a network of professionals I trust.
  • I’ll be coaching people well into retirement age. I love being able to do such fulfilling and meaningful work every day (I usually work 7 days a week).