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4 Updated Training Principles To Keep You Muscular

The golden age of bodybuilding (think Arnold Schwarzenegger before Terminator and Predator) produced much of the training wisdom that trickled down to everyday lifters in commercial gyms. They were ahead of the curve and the science, figuring out a lot of what you use in today’s workouts. Many of the classic ideas also missed the mark but live on in the gym next to you.

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This High-Level Athletic Program Is Built For Athletes Of All Levels

What’s your reason for training? Are you active with multiple sports looking to improve performance? Or are you the weekend beer league warrior who doesn’t want to lose a step to the younger guys but also doesn’t want to be dragging himself out of bed in DOMS-induced agony for the following week? Or maybe you just don’t want to be winded climbing a flight of stairs.

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