The 6 Types of Squats Every Lifter Should Master

Here’s my latest article on T-Nation, this time a collaboration with Charley Gould:

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern, but we usually picture a barbell across the back when we think squats. There are far more options, often better suited to different lifters at different experience levels or with different goals.

Here are six squat versions every lifter should master.

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How to Squat: A Complete Head to Toe Guide

Squats are your training program’s foundation, but are you doing them right? Tour any commercial gym. You’ll see shallow, knee-caving pseudo-squats. Hint: That’s not how to squat.

To optimize muscle growth and allow a lifetime of injury-free training, you may need a few tweaks to your squat form… or you might need a complete overhaul. Here’s a bottom-up breakdown of how to set up and execute your squat.

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6 Rules for Guaranteed Bigger Calves

Much of the myth of hard-to-grow calves is that few people do the training right. Even fewer are willing to smash calves with the kind of training frequency, volume, and long-term consistency needed to make meaningful progress.

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How to Lift Forever: 6 Bulletproofing Exercises

Fix Your Scapular Movement and Hip Flexion

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Tip: The Single Kettlebell Workout

Train your whole body with one piece of iron. Here’s how.

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The Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Program 2

Train Without a Gym

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The New Essential Leg Exercise

Three Strength Coaches Weigh In

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How to Build Big Shoulders, Minus The Pain

5 Presses for Irritated Shoulders

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Tip: The Giant Set For Giant Shoulders

Oh man, this is gonna hurt.

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The Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Program

Build Muscle With Limited Equipment

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