The Cutting Edge of Exercise Science & Nutrition

Andrew makes sure to stay on the cutting edge of exercise science and nutrition by keeping up to date with published science and attending every expert conference he can make. But he’s not just another guy that knows a lot. He DOES a lot. Andrew takes his knowledge right into his client work, and not only does he further develop that knowledge by testing and modifying it in the real world, he gets some of the best possible results for his clients. If it’s fitness improvement in the real world you’re after, Andrew is the guy to see.

Dr. Mike Israetel – Co-Founder Renaissance Periodization, PhD in Sport Physiology

Andrew's a rare breed.

He combines dedication, generosity, professionalism, and skill into everything that he does. Most of all, he’s kind. I like Andrew, and I think that you will too.

Jonathan Goodman – Founder: Personal Trainer Development Center and Online Trainer Academy

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As Good As They Come

Andrew Coates is as good as they come. He is a true representation of what it means to be a science-based coach, always looking to improve himself, his methodologies, and his clients’ results.

In an overly saturated fitness industry, overflowing with coaches just trying to make a quick buck, Andrew stands out as a role model for what all coaches should aspire to become.

Jordan Syatt – Founder Syatt Fitness and The Inner Circle, Writer, Coach, Mentor

He's a must-follow in the fitness industry

Andrew Coates’ hunger to learn comes full circle in the form of the amazing content he in turn puts out for the masses. I’ve been happy to learn from him as he’s increasingly built exposure over the last 5 years, and always look forward to new content of his. He’s a must-follow in the fitness industry for people who are serious about their fitness goals, and want a no-nonsense plan of attack for results.”

Lee Boyce, Fitness writer, strength coach

One Word: Genuine.

When I think about Andrew Coates and his work, one word immediately comes to mind: genuine. It becomes quite easy to tell how much time, effort, and commitment Andrew puts into his professional work and in the training of his clients. He truly cares about everyone’s success, which is why I’m grateful to call him a friend and colleague.”

Matthew Ibrahim, S&C Coach, College Professor

Waiting for the Super Hero Outfit

I think we’re all waiting for Andrew Coates to rip off his shirt and reveal his superhero uniform. He’s beyond passionate as a strength coach, fitness writer, and podcaster. While he values the old school basics, he also keeps up with cutting-edge perspectives and forms sound opinions based on a variety of both. Keep an eye out for more of his work because it’s going to explode!

Dani Shugart, T Nation editor, writer, and co-host of the Fit Pants podcast.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Andrew is a breath of fresh air in the fitness industry. First because he is not short and bald, which is a nice change, but mostly because he combines a large amount of practical and theoretical knowledge and doesn’t pigeon-hole himself when it comes to training approaches. Yet, his greatest asset is how he is able to transfer his passion, energy and confidence to get the most out of the people he interacts with, be it clients or fellow coaches. He is one of the good ones!

Christian Thibaudeau, Strength Coach, Fitness Writer